Our School

St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf is a Catholic primary and nursery boarding school founded in 2017 by Rannah Evetts. We are here to promote the education and welfare of the Deaf in the West Nile region of Uganda, with a particular focus on the Diocese of Nebbi.

The Deaf are often cultural outcasts in Ugandan society; isolated, often disenfranchised, and stigmatized and are at greater risk of raped, abused, and neglected by society. They are often thought of as unable to learn, cursed, and some parents think it a waste of already precious funds to send them to school.

Our goal at Saint Francis Ministries every day is giving the Deaf children of Uganda the opportunity, through the learning of sign language, to be opened to the Word of God – opened to a life of prayer, the understanding of Truth, the reception of the Sacraments. We strive to provide a quality education that empowers our students  and that will allow them to pursue higher education, jobs, and the means to start a family.

As of 2022 Saint Francis Ministries is excited to announce the further continuation and expansion of our mission with the building of a new 500 student boarding school in Nyapea, Uganda. Scroll down to see our building plans or donate to help us break ground. 

We are here to provide quality education and give our Deaf students the most precious thing in this world:

Jesus Christ.