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By subscribing as a monthly donor or making a one time donation you become a supporting member of Saint Francis Ministries. Whether you make a one time donation or commit to a monthly subscription your contribution will help Saint Francis Ministries continue to operate.

Any amount of money you feel called to give can go a long way in Uganda through Saint Francis Ministries. Every donation helps operate the organization itself, the Saint Francis de Sales School for the Deaf, and our young adult program.

For $30 a month you can help fund a child or young adult’s education and dramatically change the course of their life. Your contribution covers everything from the day-to-day operations of the Saint Francis de Sales School for the Deaf to a child or young adult’s tuition fees, food, medical care, secondary education, housing, and travel expenses.

Through a subscription or donation you will be helping to provide a child with hope for the future, a place to be loved and cared for, knowledge, growth in Jesus Christ, The Church and the sacraments, and the opening of a door to many more opportunities that otherwise would be closed to them.

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With you we can change the lives of the Deaf in Uganda.

We appreciate you. God bless.


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 Thank you! And God Bless!