School is OPEN!

Praise Jesus the kids are back!  We have received many more generous donations and student sponsorships throughout this nearly two year period of school closure. I am so grateful to each one of you for supporting and believing in our mission of service to the Deaf in Uganda. This cannot be done without you.  Last Monday students began reportingContinue reading “School is OPEN!”

Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah Ohmes

When our Director Rannah Evetts asked Hannah Ohmes if she would consider working with Saint Francis Ministries in Uganda, Hannah thought: “Ha. No.” She’d already used all of her paid time off at work and the thought of being in Africa without a steady income from the states as daunting, to say the least. SheContinue reading “Volunteer Spotlight: Hannah Ohmes”

Announcing Saint Francis Ministries & New Land

Some exciting news! As you may have noticed, our website address has changed from to This change is in correlation with the formation of our newly approved non-profit organization: Saint Francis Ministries. Saint Francis de Sales School for The Deaf will now become one of many projects under the umbrella of our newContinue reading “Announcing Saint Francis Ministries & New Land”

Great News! An Update, May 2018

We are so excited to share the news that we are now an organization called Saint Francis Ministries under which the St Francis de Sales School for the Deaf will be operated! Through this change Saint Francis Ministries and the Saint Francis School are positioned to grow as much as God wills. While the SaintContinue reading “Great News! An Update, May 2018”