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In 2014, after an intense conversion and baptism into the Catholic Church God lead me to a Deaf School in Kampala, Uganda where I was to spend the next seven months.

My first day at school was also the first day of a girl just two years younger than me who had never had a language. This hit me hard and has never left me. The realization that she had never read or heard the Gospels or been told of God’s infinite love for her along with being isolated from family and society- unable to express emotion, thoughts, opinions, or fully pursue her dreams in life left me saddened with a heart yearning to help change those circumstances.

In this time of learning, growth, and the stretching of my heart, the director of the school took me to Northern Uganda. Before it was time for me to leave he told me, “I think God wants you here.”

Thank God he was right. In September 2016, Bishop Wanok of the Nebbi Diocese offered me a center to be used as a Deaf boarding school. In one day a distant dream of mine, which had seemed impossible, became reality.

I hope to lift, even if a little, the oppression placed upon the Deaf. I hope to see them pursuing their dreams in becoming farmers, teachers, business owners, and mothers and fathers. I hope to help guide our students on a path to holiness and Christ. Whatever it may be, may it all be for the Glory of God.

It starts with a language, it starts with an education, and it starts with just one child – and through Christ may it be accomplished.

– Rannah (Evetts) Libutti 

To learn more about Rannah and the St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf check out this article by the Catholic News Agency:

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  1. Rannah, my name is Dollie Maddy and I attended public school with your Aunt Audrey in Tucumcari. Through Audrey, I learned of your school. Prior to receiving your last post through Facebook, I had been pondering contributing to Dress A Girl Around The World. I loved this site and the opportunity to use my sewing talents. Would this type dress (very modest and functional) be appropriate for female students at your school? I would be able to sew 1 or 2 monthly, and my daughter has also expressed interest in this project as well. I would follow any advice you have. Fondly, Dollie

    1. Hello Dollie! I remember getting this last year but seemed to never reply. We would take those of course!! So sorry I never replied, my goodness. I have volunteers coming in June and they could take whatever you’ve made to Uganda to our school. Feel free to email me at if you think you may still want to do this. God bless you!

  2. Hola Rannah , soy Silvia de Argentina, me interese por tu historia , la cual , felicitarte es poco , que Dios te Bendiga mucho en esta hermosa y Bendita Misión , la cual , no dudo que sea DIOS quien te puso en ese lugar. Gracias por tu Testimonio. Yo tengo un programa de Radio en mi ciudad y paso historias como la tuya también, como así de Santos y de Papas. Un saludo y abrazo

  3. You are truly an inspiration for the younger generation . I cannot stop thinking about what you have accomplished and how God is working through you to help so many . My girls love to hear your story and how you are living the Gospel. May God continue to bless you in this journey and may Our Lady give you the strength and courage to get you through those difficult times that you may experience as you move forward with this new venture . Praying for all your staff and your students . 🙏🏼

  4. You are an inspiration to all. Continue the good works and let God multiply that for you. God bless you and the children abundantly.

  5. Hello read your miraculous story on CNA catholic news network great work will pray for you and school. How can one make a donation ? Thanks God bless

  6. Me alegro mucho que hayas saltado. San Francisco decia que para ser Santo había que saltar, es decir, animarse. Tu siendo tan jovencita te estas animando… Y de qué manera! Abrazo en Cristo.
    Fredy Rodríguez de Dalmanuta Uruguay

  7. I attended RYLA 06.04-06.08, 2018, and your speech was the most inspiring speech in my life. I was sitting and crying in the second row during your speech haha.
    Anyway, since I was young, I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist because of my heart defect I had when I was born.
    With God, I became healthy, but I have wanted to help others just like I got cured since then.
    I have planned to do volunteering in my college sophomore year(I will be a senior this year), and I hope I can meet you again there! (It is just a plan so far, though. haha)
    May God be with you.

    1. hola hermanos … soy de argentina , veo que es una institución donde se puede colaborar , admiro el trabajo que asen allí , DIOS derrame muchas Bendiciones en ustedes.
      yo , lamentablemente soy una pensionada en este País , por problemas de salud y es muy poco lo que cobro , mas con eso me pago todos mis gastos. disculpen que les detalle mi situación , solo es para que vean que yo , lamentablemente NO puedo ayudarles , pero rezare a mi DIOS para que surjan muchos colaboradores para esta misión BENDICIONES PARA TODOS !.
      Atte Silvia.

  8. Hey Rannah, it’s Elle bell I had a good idea that with my box full of string I could make bracelets for all of the students you tell me about so when you visit on my birthday I would hopefully have them! Just let me know how many I need to make. Love you

  9. You are such an inspiration, Rannah! I can’t wait for you to see the finished video of our interview together from your visit with our family. You are such an inspiration & powerful light of God’s love in our fallen, hurting world!

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