School is OPEN!

Praise Jesus the kids are back! 

We have received many more generous donations and student sponsorships throughout this nearly two year period of school closure. I am so grateful to each one of you for supporting and believing in our mission of service to the Deaf in Uganda. This cannot be done without you. 

Last Monday students began reporting to us. We are thrilled! 

We are taking one day at a time and getting the students back into their routine and caught up in sign language. We have two new students that are 6 years old. We couldn’t turn these little ones away so we squeezed some space for them.


YOUNG ADULTS UPDATE: We have one student returning to secondary school this year, please pray for her! The studies are very hard. I am very proud of her for wanting to push on another year even after this long delay of school closure. 
Two students, who were previously attending secondary school, will join with their two friends, who were working at our primary school, for vocational training at the Uganda National Association of the Deaf in the capital city. Please pray their studies are fruitful! 
Three other young adults we sponsor have decided to continue working and learning with us at our primary school. 


Some of the young adults 

With love,


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Established and operated by Saint Francis Ministries the St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf is a safe haven for Deaf students in the Nebbi Diocese. With a focus on sign language development and spiritual growth the St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf works to ensure the academic success of each child by placing God at the center of all learning. Visit our website here:

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