Announcing Saint Francis Ministries & New Land

Some exciting news!

As you may have noticed, our website address has changed from to This change is in correlation with the formation of our newly approved non-profit organization: Saint Francis Ministries.

Saint Francis de Sales School for The Deaf will now become one of many projects under the umbrella of our new organization: Saint Francis Ministries. We’re very excited about this change as it will enable us to support more Deaf schools in Uganda and to help create future Christ-centered schools and vocational programs for the Deaf of Uganda.

Along with this news we have some other very amazing news: Bishop Wanok of the Nebbi Catholic Diocese here in the West Nile region of Uganda has given Saint Francis Ministries 23 acres of land (pictured above) for the establishment of a new Saint Francis de Sales Deaf School. With this land we plan to construct a school to house and educate 300+ Deaf children.

With this land and exciting plans comes the need for many prayers which we humbly ask our visitors and sponsors for. If, through prayer, you feel moved to join and walk with us in our journey please feel free to visit our donations page or to send an email to to inquire about volunteering opportunities.



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