June Blessings!

It has been a wonderful second term for us so far!

It is truly incredible seeing how far these children have come since we first opened our doors in February. From stubbornness and no communication at all, to respect and discipline in their lives, to every day learning more and more signs.
The way they play together is also changing. They are able to better communicate with each other with less frustration, and more imagination and stories. God is doing beautiful things here. The littleness that shines with Our Lords love and goodness is so great.
We have now been inspected my the District for the second time and have had great marks. We are overjoyed for having been appreciated by officials in regards to the children’s physical health, cleanliness of our school and grounds, organization and structure, and the very real love and care each child is receiving that is visible to outsiders.
Slowly by slowly things are coming together. The builders are putting final touches on our newest classroom and library area. Water is becoming less of a problem and electricity is finally secure (pray it stays this way).
Our fields and gardens are beyond amazing! Thank you so much for all of your support and prayer! Everything is so lush and green. We have banana plants and mango, lemon, pow pow, jack fruit and avocado trees as well. Though, its not a constant flow of  food, it certainly helps us a lot. We are growing so many different kinds of greens in our garden along with tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, and so much more to come. We have small fields of maize, beans (which we are now harvesting), and ground nuts thriving. God truly provided us with the best, most hard working gardener. He is turning our once bare and overgrown with weeds compound, into an inviting area slowly filling up with food, flowers, and beautiful green.
Every morning we go to Mass with our children. They are learning new prayers, new songs, and best of all, being more then accepted and embraced by our Parish community. They love our children so much. It is beautiful to see the community doing their best to take in this school and make it their own through prayer and support. Seeing the children every day at Mass along with the continual growth of their sign language skills that are visible to so many in the community and to each child’s parents has removed so many misconceptions and stigmas about deafness already.
Prayer requests: For our children’s safety, good health, and continual growth in sign language and educational development. For all of our staff to work together with love for our children. May they work hard in all they do. Most importantly, for our staff’s own spiritual lives – growing ever closer to Christ and the mission He has given each one of them as a teacher/care giver of our precious little’s. Pray for more sponsors for our school, for visitors to come this way (maybe even you!) and for long term volunteers to come and work with us.

Published by Saint Francis Ministries

Established and operated by Saint Francis Ministries the St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf is a safe haven for Deaf students in the Nebbi Diocese. With a focus on sign language development and spiritual growth the St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf works to ensure the academic success of each child by placing God at the center of all learning. Visit our website here: www.stfrancisministries.org

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